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Anonymous said: Do you ever stop and think that maybe people are just asking you questions for the sake of asking and out of curiosity? there is no need to be so rude with your replies.

Have u ever thought if you want to ask a question don’t be such a twat and click off anonymous???? Otherwise you’re not a person you don’t deserve any of my respect n you can suck a dick

Anonymous said: Why did you take out your septum?

Because i didn’t want it anymore I’m baffled at the what other reason there could be hhahaha

Anonymous said: Was u popular in school when u had lots of followers in facebook


Anonymous said: Why did you change from "tumblr" with all the piercings and colourful hair you look like a different person now

I grew up

Anonymous said: What are your reasons for refusing to justify what you do?


Anonymous said: What are your reasons for not believing in God?

Don’t question me I don’t need reasons for anything I do and I certainly don’t need to justify myself for strangers on the Internet

"don’t call me beautiful
i don’t care
call me intelligent
tell me my laugh is contagious;
that i made you smile
tell me i have something to offer"

— Unknown  (via bl-ossomed)

the-immortal-god-emperor said: Well, I'm not about to crucify anyone for simply not knowing or anything. And as for what you were saying about crosses and stuff, that's a whole different thing. It isn't totally about non-Native Americans wearing a headdress as much as it is about people turning an important part of their culture into some cheap plastic imitation for use as a costume. From what I've read, the headdress is basically sacred to them, so it would be like burning bibles, not just wearing a cross when non-christian.

But what about nun fancy dress? We all see that on stag nights and stuff? That must be in the same category as Native American head wear? Sorry for the questions again just curious not questioning your actual points as such. I always thought someone else wearing a native headdress was almost appreciation??? I think they’re so lovely looking it’s similar to my appreciation of Indian weddings because the colours and fabrics and such are just insane. I never saw it could be offensive, I’ve seen it in many photo shoots and I feel silly I wasn’t aware it was so racist