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I am convinced I am a bother to you. I am convinced you are only here to get something from me and that otherwise I am just a nuisance. I am pushing you away so that you do not have to put up with my constant need for reassurance. It’s for your own good, believe me. You will get fed up with my desire for you to stay but my fear that you want to leave.



esther cañadas by gilles bensimon for elle magazine, 1998

It’s super not fair people who make you the happiest also make you feel like you want to down 4 litres of vodka or commit homicide, or both


Josephine Skriver

Magdalena Frackowiak in “Cyber Glam” by Nathaniel Goldberg for Vogue Nippon, January 2008

Lone Praesto by Rasmus Skousen for Cover June/July 2014


Pastel abstract harness bra from Ophelia Co. 
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Anonymous said: I absolutely cringe Everytime I see one of your replies to an ask. You're very rude and I don't even want to know how old you are, secondhand embarrassment is just as bad as the real thing, if not worse.

Irony like really guys, you can’t insult someone over the internet on anonymous then speak about rudeness and maturity like get outa here

Anonymous said: What lipstick are you wearing in the picture you just reblogged?

Your dads

Anonymous said: u straight?

I lick pussy on the odd occasion but generally yes